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"Journeying together as we grow up in the community of God"
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Welcome! You are welcome if you are a christian, a sceptic, an atheist or belong to another faith. Goths, you are most welcome, as are vegan hipsters, protein consuming gym-lads and artists. You get the idea, we don’t expect you to fit into any moulds or sign up to our beliefs, just come as you are and expereince for yourself what raw authentic christianity can look look like...

For school years 10+

We are a group of friends who are fascinated by Jesus so we meet each week to seek to understand and imitate him.

We are not interested in the nice-guy Jesus from the movies, neither are we interested in the spiritual “out-of-this-world” Jesus you find in art and stain-glass windows. We are interested in the wild man you find in the historical accounts, the guy who challenged the religion and politics of his day, who pursed justice, and valued truth, authenticity and sacrifice. We believe that the real Jesus is good news and through him we can see God doing something new to transform and restore our world.

Evening Service
On Sunday evenings those in school years 10+ get involved with the running of the 6.30pm service. There is often the opportunity to meet beorehand for toast and an occasional trip down to McDonalds afterwards.

Big-MAC Weekend
Every February we head off for a long weekend, inviting a guest speaker to spend some time encouraging us in our faith. Lots of time is also spent eating, climbing, visiting Brighton, having a go at archery and being generally a bit silly (not when holding bow and arrows). This is one of the highlights of the year and we all head back to Harrow feeling encouraged and refreshed. (This year we have an exciting programme planned at home- more info HERE)

For those in school years 6-9

Pioneers Quest
You are invited to join us on Sunday mornings (during the 10:30am service) for Poneers Quest. Form new allies, gain new power-up, defeat bad guys and complete quests to create a better future for our world.

Big Weekend In
Our most popular annual event is our Big Weekend In, every Easter holiday we hold a sleepover at the church packed full of games, activities and sport. This is a great opportunity to explore the message of Easter no matter what stage of life you are at. (This year we are running our Big Weekend In during October half term... watch this space for more info!)


Our programme is also "garnished" with regular community action projects, trips to Soul Survivor Watford, joined up events with other youth groups under the RISE initiative and opportunities for mentoring and exploring faith.


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