14 reasons to study Scripture

Study Scripture Series [1]
Paul Cable & MAC Core Group

Some of us at the Tuesday evening MAC Youth group were considering the reasons we have to read the Bible, here is what we came up with...

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1. It contains reliable historical documents which are evidence for our faith (James & Matthew). 

2. To help us develop Christian opinions (or a Christian world view) on topics and issues facing us everyday (Millie).

3. To help us get closer to God (Joe).

4. Its a story! and can often be fun to read and relate to, we can even find our place in its story (James).

5. To help us discern if the prophetic words we receive/give are from God for people's encouragement and comfort (Paul).

6. It teaches us to pray. God has started a conversation by speaking to us in His word, we can respond to Him in prayer (Joe).

7. It's a manifesto for Jesus' revolutionary kingdom movement bringing life and love to the world (Paul).

8. To teach us what we actually believe and why we believe it (James).

9. It's like my plate! (We were eating at this point), God's Word sustains and nourishes us (Matthew).

10. To guard us from false teaching (Paul).

11. It reveals God's character to us and how we can relate to Him (Joe).

12. To help us to mature and grow in our faith (James).

13. To spark a saving faith in Jesus, how can we find salvation in Him if we have not heard the message? (Paul).

14. Why not? (Matthew).

Why not indeed! We have committed as a group to meet up each week and learn to read the Bible together and to allow God's Word to create in us a sense of awe and wonder which springboards us into worship, prayer and mission. We also recognise the importance of doing this individually during the week, allowing God's words to sustain and nourish us so we trying to make this a regular daily pattern in our lives.

We would love to hear from you in the comments section below!
- What would you add to the list?
- What tips do you have for studying Scripture?