Planet Panel 

In February we held our very own #planetpanel during an evening cafe church service, here we discussed a theology of environmental care and began exploring some of the practical everyday things we can begin to do which will make a real difference.

You can listen to some of the discussion HERE (**Coming Soon**).

Over the next few months we hope to write up some of the practical ideas suggested.
One of these ideas was for each of us to introduce a single change to our lifestyle each month, we think that this approach is much more manageable than trying to do it all at once! Attempting the task this way means that new habits are formed each month, so by the time we attempt something new the next month, the previous lifestyle change would hopefully now be second nature as well.

The issues we will be taking a closer look at here will include a number of lifestyle choices you may like to make, including: cutting down meat consumption, buying second hand clothing, using less plastic, walking more and thinking about what cleaning chemicals we are using. These blogs are not to create guilt, some challenges will be more appropriate to your individual stage of life than others. Yet, we would also challenge you to prayerfully consider the statistics and information posted and to seek God's heart for his creation. Many of those who will post here have not only discovered an understanding of how the planet could benefit from the changes made, but they have also grown in their relationship with God and with other people. Many of the challenges bring people together and they give us a new relationship to our belongings and hobbies. Our prayer is that through exploring God's heart for creation, we would become more like Jesus, and as a church body we would reflect something of God's heart back into our communities.

May the following posts be a real blessing to you, and please do let us know if you have any feedback or ideas.