The Psalms: Songs that Satisy the Soul 

Life is full of stresses and strains. Emotionally, physically and spiritually we find ourselves dried-up and cast-down.

We need deep refreshment. Where can we find it?

There is no better place to go than the Psalms – Scripture's songbook. The Psalm writers wrestle honestly with the realities of life: they struggle when God seems distant, they cry out when evil and chaos seem to surround them. Yet they also find satisfaction and joy as their worship leads them to the heart of God.

Join us at Christ Church for our 6.30pm Sunday Services over the summer for Songs that Satisfy the Soul. My prayer is that as we explore the Psalms together we will be deeply refreshed and revived.

22 May Psalm 1 A rooted and fruitful life.
29 May Psalm 23 Led to satisfaction.
5 June Psalm 31:1-10 A rock in hard places.
12 June Psalm 32 Freedom through forgiveness.
19 June Psalm 42 Through depression of the soul.
26 June Psalm 63 A feast in the desert.
3 July Psalm 84 Joy in God's presence.
10 July Psalm 131 Peace for anxious hearts. 
17 July Psalm 133 Living in unity