Sunday Mornings - Lives Rooted in Christ  [ June-July 2016]

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5 June Col 1:1-14 Bearing fruit and growing (Simon Durrant)
12 June Col 1:15-23 Knowing Jesus as supreme (Steve Buxton)
19 June (Fathers Day) Col 1:24-2:5 'Manning up' God's way (Simon Durrant)
26 June Col 2:6-23 Finding fullness and freedom (Simon Durrant)
3 July Col 3:1-14 Putting on Christ's clothing [All Age @ 10.30]
10 July Col 3:15-4:6 Doing all of life God's way
17 July Col 4:2-18 Living in community

Everyday on our TV screens and social media, in our schools and workplaces, we are bombarded with different ideas about what it means to live a full and free life. The latest trends and ideas always promise more, but are never able to deliver.
Writing to a Christian community in Colossae, the apostle Paul is very clear about where people can find freedom and fullness: by living lives rooted in Jesus Christ.
Far from instructing us to become more conservative or religious, the letter to the Colossians is a call to find all our treasure and worth in Jesus – who is greater and more precious than we could possibly imagine. A life fully rooted in Christ will experience growth and fruitfulness, freedom and fullness, in every area; delivering far more than any alternative idea or trend.
This goes not only for our individual lives but also for our life as a community of believers. My prayer is that this series, running across our 8.30 and 10.30 Sunday services, will deepen our roots as we seek to grow and be fruitful in a new season as a church.