Practising Healing Prayer

On the last Friday in January, a group gathered at Christ Church Roxeth keen to develop their gifts in healing prayer. We were excited to learn from the 'Healing Rooms' approach used around the world for many years which has recently been revived in the UK, USA and elsewhere. Healing Rooms currently run in Costa coffee shops in Stoke-on-Trent and Essex, providing an inspiring model as we consider how we might best pray for people who visit our charity shop 'found'.

Learning from experience
Nearly 30 people attended the training over two days, led by a team of six from Stoke-on-Trent. We focussed on hearing God for ourselves, praying for people in a non religious way, and using the authority God gives us as believers to pray for healing, just as Jesus did when he was on earth. The team shared their own stories and experiences of how God had met with people they had prayed for. Even if there was no obvious physical healing, they often saw a change in someone’s demeanour or circumstances. People would frequently return several times seeking more prayer, or to thank the team for a positive outcome.

Stories of healing
We were greatly encouraged by the testimonies and prayer that we each received during the sessions, as well as personal words of encouragement shared with individuals. On Saturday afternoon an additional 10-12 people came to receive healing prayer at our 'pop-up cafe' and have already heard several stories of those who were touched by God through this time:

  • an open sore on an ear healed spontaneously
  • a foot (recovering slowly from an operation) had an increase of movement and reduction in discomfort
  • an arm which can now be stretched up much higher than before due to a significant increase in movement

These may be small healings, but ones which greatly blessed the recipients with an experience of God's love and power.

What next?
Following this training we hope to gather a team of people (including found shop staff) who will run regular sessions in found offering prayer for healing. Trainees on the weekend came from several different local churches and we are confident of God's blessing as we continue with this wide range of involvement. We value your prayers as we begin this venture.

Would you like to experience God's healing touch in your life? We offer confidential prayer ministry at both our 10.30 and 6.30 services each week.

For more information contact Barbara Workman

About the author:

Barbara Workman - PrayerBarbara oversees all the different strands of prayer within the church, including coordinating the prayer ministry teams. She has a heart for healing prayer and intercession for individuals as well as the church. Before recent retirement she worked in nursing and higher education and she is a qualified coach and mentor.