How do we know what God is like? 

This is perhaps the most important question anyone could ask. How can we find out what God is like? How can we avoid making wonky and speculative guesses?
In the Bible God reveals who he is by using a number of different names. Like the multifaceted sides of a diamond, each name shines a different perspective on the beauty and character of God. The better we know him, the better we can worship him, serve him and love him.

Throughout this summer (25 June – 27 August) our Sunday services will explore different names of God drawn from the Old Testament; the themes for Sunday mornings "Name above all names" and evenings  "Who is the LORD?" will complement each other. All the names we will encounter are based on the personal name God first chooses to reveal himself to Moses from the burning bush: YAHWEH

See this video for a helpful introduction:

The other names in the series are compounds of this name and paint a rich picture of our God:
25 June: Yahweh The LORD | The Great I AM
2 July:  Yahweh Elohim | The Creating Word *Special Art Installation w Communion
9 July: Yahweh Shalom | The God of Peace
16 July: Yahweh Rapha | Our Healer
23 July: Yahweh Raah | The Great Shepherd (NB. No Communion at 10.30)
30 July: Yahweh Jireh | The Provider (NB. Communion at 10.30)
6 August: Yahweh Sabaoth | The Powerful
13 August: Yahweh M’Kaddesh | The one who makes us Holy
20 August: Yahweh Tsidkenu | The Righteous One
27 August: Yahweh Shammah | Present with us

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About the author:
LTSimonDurrant Simon was appointed as Vicar of Christ Church early in 2016 having moved from Devon with his wife Amy (below) and two young children. He is passionate about enabling the church to embody and grow in its mission. He oversees our teaching, equipping and resourcing which includes Sunday services and midweek groups.