#TopTips for reading the Bible 

We have been taking a break from our regular pattern of mid-week groups to join together for times of learning. One of those groups is the Biblical Themes group who are working through some of the amazing resources from THE BIBLE PROJECT. We asked them for their top tips for reading the Bible and here is what they came up with:

1. Try breaking it down into one years worth of reading (we love this resource from Alpha)
2. Use the lectionary (App also available) - join with churches around the world reading the set passages for the day.
3. Get some Bible reading notes, these help to break down difficult bits clearly and give you a "real-life" application and stores of people who have been transformed by the set passage.
4. Try working through a book at a time to grasp its big picture - Tom Wright has some excellent commentaries (the "For Everyone" series) which can be fun to follow or why not watch a book overview video from The Bible Project before you start reading to get the big picture in mind.
5. Try reading the Bible in various translations - YOUVERSION Bible App is a great tool for this, you can download lots of versions for free into one place, listen to them being read to you and even make notes.
6. Find a regular time each day to help build the habit.
7. Don't beat yourself up if you miss a day!
8. Find the balance between reading too much and too little, we need to read enough to grasp the context of a passage but too much and we can miss specific points God might be speaking to us.
9. Use the Bible to meditate, take one verse and read it a number of times asking God to speak to you through it.
10. If you get stuck and confused, ask for help!
11. If you are brand new to reading the Bible, starting at the beginning might not actually be the best place! Why not start with Jesus (spoiler alert: the whole book is about Him!) by reading through Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.
12. Finally, remember genre! The Bible contains poetry, history, narrative and letters... Understanding what we are reading will help us interpret it for today.

Again, we can not recommend highly enough the excellent resources from the The Bible Project.

About the Author:
Paul Cable - YouthPaul is employed full-time as our Youth Pastor to encourage holistic growth and a whole load of fun with those aged 11-19 both at CCR and in our wider community including local secondary schools. He loves cooking curry, star wars, adventure sports and books. He is married to Harriet, the proud parents of two cats (Merry and Pippin).

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