At CCR we are passionate and serious about being transformed 'by the Book'. So this year in our Sunday teaching and midweek groups from February to June we are walking the journey with God's people from slavery in Egypt towards 'the promised land'. The Exodus story is foundational to the whole story of the Scripture: as we get in-depth with Exodus we will be engaging with the gracious heart and saving purposes of God.


Our Path to Freedom
Even when God's people were in slavery under Pharoah in Egypt, we discover that God was working to bring liberation and life. As we journey with them - through plagues, seas, deserts and mountains - our prayer is that liberation and life will also be ours! Key themes in Exodus include liberation, sacrifice, God’s presence, service and worship, mission, and more. As we explore and grow in these essential aspects of the Christian life, we will also find true freedom.

Exodus and Easter
If you're a regular at Christ Church, would you consider reading through the book of Exodus over Lent?  There are 40 chapters for the 40 days in the run up to Easter. Jesus himself explained that the story of Moses and in fact all of the Old Testament points to Him (Luke 24:27): the Exodus is story is foundational to understanding the life and death of Jesus. There is a strong link between the journey of God's people through Exodus and Jesus' journey towards his death and resurrection. On Sundays throughout Lent and Easter we'll be exploring how Jesus is an even greater Moses, offering us today an even greater deliverance...

Start your Exodus journey here with this great video introduction to the book:

Want to take things further? As well as reading through Exodus you may like to consider using this study guide anytime between February and June, either by yourself, in your trio or midweek group: click for our recommended 8 session guide (copies may be available via the CCR church office). You can also catch up on Sunday teaching you may have missed: click for our podcast.

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